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CircleBC are experts when it comes to Website Security, Support and Maintenance services.

If you need an Audit, Penetration test for your website or if your website is down and needs assistance recovering from a malware attack or hack, you have come to the right place.

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Your website is the online representation of your business and is an essential part of your brand. Thus it has to be accessible 24/7. But in a digital world where hackers, bots, malware, and conflicts between applications can hinder the performance of your site, this is not always attainable- Having sufficient website support and maintenance for your Wollongong business will help your business succeed online. Website support and maintenance are fundamental to prevent all these possible issues which can eventually cause your website to crash or shut down.


Circle Business Consulting, with our best practices, expertise and professionalism can help you keep your peace of mind that your site is visible by the time potential customers are looking for you. We abide by our belief that prevention is always better than cure. That’s why our reliable team provides website support in Wollongong to ensure that the online face of your business is in excellent working condition and your business runs smoothly.

We passionately explain to our clients that one of the most common causes of CMS based websites to be hacked is when plugins, themes and software are kept outdated. And so what we do is we ensure the security patches and latest versions of software are up to date, as doing so also eliminates the chances of your site to be targeted by malware and spam. Regardless if your site is custom developed, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento, we can help you take care of your business.


Websites should be maintained and supported, especially if they are built with an open source content management, like WordPress or Joomla. Our digital specialists plug all security flaws that could pop up anytime to guarantee your site’s uptime and availability. Website maintenance can go a long way in preventing hackers and malware from attacking your site.

Our team ensures that websites are updated regularly with occasional design modifications, security checks and maintenance. Our maintenance practices also include having backups and recovery in place which are specifically ideal for websites that use themes and plugins. We take a keen look at all aspects and when we find unnecessary software, we immediately delete them from your website and server.

These, among many others, are all part of our efficient online web strategy. We have saved many clients from all the headaches that arise when website support and maintenance are not a priority. We have also seen them rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing for keeping their sites up to date and for providing users with great online experience.

So if you are looking for a Sydney based digital agency because you have found out that your website has been hacked or is infected by malware, you’ll know where to go. We offer the best solutions within budget. CircleBC can recover your website from the initial hack, but we do not stop there. We work 24/7 to monitor and protect your site against any chances of being hacked again so sales will just keep on coming.

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