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CircleBC are experts when it comes to Website Security, Support and Maintenance services.

If you need an Audit, Penetration test for your website or if your website is down and needs assistance recovering from a malware attack or hack, you have come to the right place.

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Your website can be used to accomplish several marketing strategies to make your business grow. Maintaining an engaging site that serves as your online portfolio and a platform to engage with online users are now more important than ever. Your website is linked to your social media campaigns and a place where visitors can be converted into customers. And to make sure that your site performs all these functions well, website maintenance and Canberra should be a priority.

If your website crashes or goes down even for only a few hours, this could mean a terrible lose in sales and revenue. Your site can be prone to hacks, bots and malware, as well as conflicts between applications that could cause functionality issues. This is why website support, maintenance and security are essential to eliminate these risks and get rid of unnecessary downtime that could hinder the growth of your business.

At Circle Business Consulting we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. We ensure that your website security in Canberra is up to date to cut down malware and spam. Website support for Canberra is also one of our key services because we understand that you need a reputable digital company to help you with your goals. Together, we can work on keeping your business running smoothly by ensuring your website performs very well.

In order to boost the performance of your site and get rid of any security flaws that could pop up, website maintenance is a must. It is particularly ideal for most sites which are built using an open source content management such as WordPress and Joomla which are an easy target for hackers. Some of our best practices include having backups and recovery in place.

We carefully examine your website and if you are using themes and plugins, we update them while we uninstall unnecessary software from your server. Our knowledgeable team can also keep your website administrator logins and passwords complex as this will limit the logins and bruteforce attempts on both your website and server.

You can rely on Circle Business Consulting to keep your content updated and security measures are performed. We can also modify the design of your website occasionally. Google and other search engine sites recognize well-performing sites with higher organic search rankings. We excel in recovering websites that have been hacked or are attacked by malware. On top of these, we provide 24/7 ongoing protection and monitoring after we recover your site.

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