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Do you need assistance with website support and maintenance or development changes for an existing site?

CircleBC have a specialist website support and maintenance team, we can support open source or custom developed websites.

We can assist you with any support project big or small, including adhoc development work, integrations, break/fix, ongoing support, maintenance, security and hosting.

Whether you some support for an existing WordPress site, or have a custom developed site that is no longer supported by your developers, we can help.

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Website Maintenance

Maintaining your website is an important part of preventing your website from getting hacked or infected by malware. For many businesses your website is an important part of your brand, it is linked with your social media, you use it to send Google Adwords traffic to your site, you use it to showcase your portfolio to clients and for your subscribers to view latest news and articles. If your website were to go down for even a few hours, it could prove to be very costly to your business, both in lost sales and revenue and also time required to find a capable developer to fix the issues. Website support and website maintenance can help reduce these risks and eliminate any unnecessary downtime of your business.

At Circle Business Consulting we honestly believe that prevention is better than cure, carrying out routine website maintenance and ensuring that they are up to date and in good working order, goes a long way to ensuring that the site continues to work and isn’t vulnerable to hackers or malware. Website support is also a key service as we understand that websites can be confusing and difficult. Circle Business Consulting offers reliable website support to ensure that your business is running smoothly online.

Website Maintenance is especially important if your website is built using an open source content management such as WordPress or Joomla, it is essential to keep themes and plugins up to date, as this will improve site performance and plug any security flaws that might pop up, due to CMS’ such as WordPress being so widespread, they are an easy target for hackers and malware as the one loophole or vulnerability in one website is going to exist in the next site.

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One of the primary causes of CMS based websites getting hacked, is vulnerabilities being exploited in plugins, themes and software being out of date. If you are diligent with keeping patches and latest versions of software and security patches up to date, this will go a long way to solving these problems. Ensuring that your website security is kept up to date will also cut down on malware and spam.

Ensuring that your content is updated regularly, performing occasional design modifications, security checks and website maintenance are all part of a comprehensive online web strategy. Google and many other search engines reward sites that are active and updated with higher organic search rankings. If you do not have the time or experience to perform this work, let CircleBC help you.

CircleBC are experts in recovering websites that have been hacked or are infected by malware, we can also provide 24/7 ongoing protection and monitoring, after we have recovered your website from the initial hack.

If your business is looking for help with Website Support and Maintenance, why not get in contact with our team for a complimentary initial consultation. CircleBC have supported hundreds of Australian businesses with Website Support and Maintenance, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart.

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