WordPress Support and Maintenance

Do you need assistance with WordPress support and Maintenance?

CircleBC have a specialist WordPress website support and maintenance team, we can support sites both new and old, even if they have been customised and somewhat neglected.

We can assist you with any support project big or small, including adhoc WordPress development work, integrations, break/fix, ongoing support, maintenance, security and hosting.

If you need some support and maintenance for an existing WordPress site, or have a custom developed site that is no longer supported by your developers, we can help.

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WordPress Support and Maintenance

If you own a WordPress Website and don’t have a WordPress Support and Maintenance partner, you have come to the right place.

Our team have been delivering WordPress Support and WordPress Maintenance services for over 6 Years. We have built well over 100 websites and are providing WordPress Support services to hundreds of websites across Australia.

If you have attempted performing your own maintenance on your website before, you might have gotten lucky and clicking update on WordPress, Themes and Plugins has worked without issue, but for many WordPress Administrators clicking update routinely is the cause of plugin conflicts, white screens of death with a random error message on the screen, aspects of the site that no longer work, or very poor performance.

Our expert WordPress Developers utilise best practices when performing maintenance on a website, we take backups before making changes and for complex sites we will utilise development and staging sites or copies of the site, we will test updates and fixes on a copy of the site, this serves a couple of purposes it protects the production website from any unforeseen issues and downtime. We are able to properly test the updates and ensure everything is working properly, before deploying the changes on production.

We will take the same care with your website as we would with ours.

We believe in being fair, honest and transparent with all of our WordPress Support Customers, we track all support tickets in our helpdesk and track work down to the nearest minute, with no retainers and no minimum spends, you can use our services as much or as little as you like, on a regular basis or on an adhoc basis.

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