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HTML5 is the latest standard for html

With approximately 40-50% of web traffic originating from a smartphone or tablet, ensuring that your website is optimised for viewing on these devices is important for customer experience, engagement and website usability.

html5 website design

HTML5 or responsive website design, allows your website to be viewed optimally regardless of the screensize of the device it is viewed on. The other benefit of having a responsive website, is that you can cater to all these different device sizes by utilising the one codebase, without the requirement of having a separate mobile website.

If your website is not responsive or html5, you could be missing out on enquiries and sales, as mobile users are less inclined to “zoom in” and will move onto the next site that is mobile friendly, can your business afford to be missing out on sales and enquiries? If not, contact CircleBC for a complimentary consultation and website strategy.

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