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If you need an Audit, Penetration test for your website or if your website is down and needs assistance recovering from a malware attack or hack, you have come to the right place.

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Maintaining your website and proactively looking into your security is a critical aspect in ensuring the uptime and availability of your website.

Not doing ongoing maintenance on your website and server can result in security vulnerabilities being exposed which can leave your site prone to attack by hackers, bots and malware, performance issues, conflicts between applications which can introduce functionality issues on the website, or the worst case scenario is that your website crashes and goes down.

In the vast majority of cases the above issues can be avoided by ensuring that your website is well maintained and supported, and that best practices are employed to keep your applications and infrastructure up to date.

There are a number of other recommended maintenance practices including having backups and recovery in place, if your site utilises themes and plugins ensuring that they are kept up to date and any unnecessary software is uninstalled or deleted from your website or server, ensuring that website administrator logins and passwords are complex and robust, limit logins and bruteforce attempts on your website and server.

In the instance that you have a WordPress website, ensuring that all of the above processes are in place is of utmost importance, with over 26.1% of websites globally having a WordPress content management system, your website could be an open door for hackers, bots and malware if maintenance is not a priority.

CircleBC specialise in maintaining websites regardless if it’s custom developed, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento. We can also advise on additional security measures including penetration testing, malware detection and removal, and website firewall.

CircleBC is a Sydney based digital agency located in Parramatta, we provide website maintenance and security services throughout Australia, including:

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