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If you need an Audit, Penetration test for your website or if your website is down and needs assistance recovering from a malware attack or hack, you have come to the right place.

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In a highly connected world, it is important to position your business online through a professional and compelling website where you can engage with visitors and create opportunities for conversion. It matters whether your business in Norwest Business Park is a large enterprise or one of the many small- and medium-sized companies that make up this vibrant business community in The Hills Shire, Sydney.

At Circle Business Consulting, we know for a fact that you can only get the most out of your website if it is well maintained and if it retains a robust security posture. We offer solutions for website maintenance and web security in Norwest to ensure that your website is constantly brought up to date and protected from threats like malware and hacker attacks.



At a time when many people rely on the Internet when looking for businesses that can provide the products and services they need, you can’t have a website that is too slow, hard to navigate, or infected with malware. First impressions last, so you want your website to be able to motivate visitors to engage more with your business. Thus, investing time and effort to create a fantastic website shouldn’t come as an afterthought.

Ensuring a positive user experience is largely dependent on how well-maintained your website is. You need to make sure not only that your website has good design and fresh content, you should also see to it that the plugins, themes, and software it uses are also all updated. This will make your website perform better, and it can also prevent hackers from being able to manipulate security vulnerabilities.

CircleBC provides a variety of solutions for website maintenance and website security in Norwest to bring you peace of mind. From keeping all plugins updated and removing unnecessary software to performing penetration testing and ensuring that backups are in place, you can bank on us to implement all important measures to keep your website accessible and protected.



As soon as you get your website up and running, you become susceptible to a variety of issues. One of these is intentional hacking by attackers. Websites can get hacked in a number of ways. For instance, hackers can exploit weaknesses in access control or even vulnerabilities in the software used. That’s why our experts at CircleBC strongly advise our clients to make sure that all the plugins and software they use are updated, that new security patches are applied, and that malware infections are dealt with.

Nevertheless, in the event that your website does suffer unexpected downtime or if you experience a hack, we’re also prepared to sort out the problem. We have the necessary expertise and the right set of tools to help you recover and rebuild from where you left off. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in dealing with issues experienced by clients on different content management systems, whether on custom-developed sites or on CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Magento.

When it comes to protecting one of the main lifelines that your business relies on, cutting corners simply won’t do. Make sure that you’re getting the best solutions for website support in Norwest and website security in Norwest. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help your business.

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