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Audio conferencing is a very common communications tool when you need to have a meeting with 3 or more participants.

Participants can join via an office desk phone, mobile or even PC and tablet in case of IP calls.

Many providers offer access to their audio bridge where you can have almost an unlimited number of participants joining in (ie. 100’s or even 1000’s of participants)

Setting up an audio conference call is easy, secure, cost effective and offers very high quality of audio.

In addition, you can have extra features to help you during your call including Recording – the discussion can easily be recorded for later reference – this saves anyone having to take minutes for an important meeting and also makes it very easy for each attendee to recap on the discussions that took place in the conference at a later date, other features include reporting, muting and the ability to add other parties to the call seamlessly. There are many other useful call management features and it is important to choose the right solution and provider to meet your specific business needs.


The main benefit of this simple conferencing service is to run multi party meetings without the need to travel and meet in person, which saves on travel time and cost, and is a highly efficient way to communicate.

It is simple to setup, and simple to join. It is a fast and reliable method of group communication, which has been already well utilised in the business space for decades.

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