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Web conferencing is the term given to an interactive online meeting or conference where all parties can be involved in the discussions through various means.

The great benefit of web conferencing is the fact that the participants do not need to be in the same physical location – in fact they could be located anywhere in the world and the only requirement for them to participate is that they have an internet connection.

Web conferencing is really what has evolved from audio conferencing and ultimately is the modern equivalent of a traditional conference.

Web conferencing tends to involve several communication mediums and normally includes an audio and video link, as well features such as presentation slides, screen sharing, chat and recording.

Web conferencing is mainly used for engaging meeting where you have 3 or more participants.

It is a great tool for sharing content and having interactive and engaging group discussions.

There are many web conferencing platforms in the market and they tend to offer access to a number of devices (or end points) including PC’s, laptops, phones and tablets.

Web conferencing is a great tool to save time whilst having very effective and informative meetings.

Since there are so many options in the market for web conferencing it is worth while taking the time in choosing the right solution based on your business requirements, budgets and audience.

Advantages of Web conferencing and collaboration

There are many advantages to web conferencing and collaboration. One of the key advantages as mentioned previously is the fact that users can communicate with each other in real time from anywhere in the world.

This is particularly relevant in business when company employees, business associates and clients need to communicate with each other regardless of where they may be physically located in relation to each other.

Web conferencing allows them to do this in real time and saves both time and money due to the fact that they no longer need to travel in order to be in the same location.

One other key advantage is that the process of collaboration in general can become much more streamlined when all of the components are in the same place and accessed through the same medium – the internet. Users can now work on a project via an online portal, communicate with each other from the same place and even send documents between each other without having to leave their desk.

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