Google Adwords

google adwords

Pay per click advertising, also referred to as Adwords or simply Google advertising, has become one of the most common forms of advertising for businesses around the world.

Over the past 5 years, there has been a gradual shift from traditional forms of advertising such as print directories and newspapers, towards online advertising. An advertising campaign put together by Circle BC’s expert consultants, will drive targeted leads and enquiries to your website. We can also assist you with your website design strategy, to ensure that those leads are converted from enquiries into sales.

Our process involves first sitting down with you, getting to know your business, your products and processes, try to understand where the best opportunities are for you to make money, and then develop an advertising strategy to meet your needs.

One such strategy is Circle BC can develop a landing page, which sits between your Google Ads and your website, all Google traffic will go to this “micro site”, where very targeted messages, promotions and call to action is displayed, to ensure that your business stands out from your competitors, and that your customers understand the value your business brings.

A Google Advertising Campaign with Circle BC, will help your business drive your advertising dollar further, to increase enquiries, sales and profits.