Software as a Service

Software as a Service has revolutionised the way businesses purchase and use Applications and Software. Instead of purchasing software at significant capital cost and running them on your IT infrastructure, which is also expensive and complex to maintain, Software as a Service allows you access to the software suite which is hosted in the vendors data centre, without upfront costs, just a fee per month, which is typically charged on a per user basis. In the instance that more users are required to access the software, you just pay for another user license. In some cases, included in the monthly fee is also support and access to software upgrades, meaning that the days of your IT team going in over the weekend to update to the latest version of the software is gone, as it is all managed by the vendor.

software as a service

As convenient as Software as a Service is or SaaS as it is more commonly referred to, the Software landscape has become a minefield, so engaging a third party who is able to give you unbiased recommendations on which software package is suited to your business can be invaluable, Circle BC is well placed to provide you with the consulting services and also to work with yourself and the vendor to implement the software, customise it and migrate your data over as well.