Mobile Device Management

In the past 5 years, the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops has grown exponentially. Gone are the days where staff only access your network and the internet via one device, namely their desktop computer, now they demand access from 3 or more devices simultaneously. You may also need to provide network and internet access to guest and contractors, whilst ensuring that they are denied access to some areas. The other complication is that these users may be using devices across a number of different vendors.

mobile device management

These headaches can be solved by introducing a Mobile Device Management strategy and a platform which can administer these privileges and also limit device functionality depending on their access status e.g. it is possible that once authenticated to the Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, you can prevent users from accessing their camera or certain applications on their device, you can present the user with applications that are relevant to your business instead. You can provide device security, with remote access to the device once it is connected to the internet, meaning that you are able to lock the device or remote wipe.

In this day and age, if you don’t have a Mobile Device Management practice you don’t know who is accessing your network and your data, and you have no way of preventing them from doing damage to your systems. Circle BC has relationships with the leading MDM providers on the market and are perfectly placed to put forward the best possible solution for your business.