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If you are still running on-premise email hosting, including exchange servers, or local Pop3 or IMAP email hosting and you are looking for a cheap and reliable alternative then Google Apps and GMAIL could be the answer to your problems. Google Apps provides a complete business productivity suite that included GMAIL for email hosting, integrated calendars, collaboration tools including Google Hangouts formerly known as Google Chat, Google Drive for cloud storage, Google Docs for word processing and spreadsheet use, and furthermore it is all available and accessible via the cloud. Meaning that wherever you go, or whichever computer, tablet or phone you access, you will be able to access your content or emails by logging into a secure web based portal. There are no costly servers to maintain or buy licenses for, no upgrades, or worrying about breakdowns, Google will manage all of that for you in their enterprise grade data centres, all of this can be accessed for a small fee per user per month, meaning that the expenditure is all operational expenses instead of a capital expense, meaning that it is much easier to track and monitor costs allowing your business to forecast better. Also, if you company grows and expands, you just keep adding users to your account, it really is that easy.

CircleBC can assist you with your next Google Apps or Gmail migration, and can assist you with the backup and migration of your existing emails to the new platform.

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