Business Process Outsourcing

Do you think that “Outsourcing” is a dirty word?

It’s not, there are many forms both onshore and offshore.

You might want to outsource your book keeping, HR, graphic design, website support and maintenance or data entry, maybe you are interested in a Virtual Assistant?

CircleBC can assist you with finding the right outsourcing solution for your needs.

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Business process outsourcing (BPO) can take many forms, it can be as simple as engaging someone to do some data entry for your business, maintaining and managing your website and content, or engaging someone to manage your social media for you. Business Process Outsourcing can also involve engaging a third party to manage more critical aspects of your business including, book keeping, invoicing, consolidating expense claims, payroll or billing.

Business Process Outsourcing is relevant to businesses both big and small, if you are a sole trader, you would benefit from having your own virtual assistant, this staff member would be employed by your business, and may live overseas, and you might communicate via email and skype, and in most cases they would cost you a fraction of the cost of hiring someone in Australia. This virtual assistant can assist you with sending out purchase orders, invoices, email marketing, graphic design or updating your website. All tasks that would be time consuming and exhausting for a business owner.

For larger businesses that have a large contingent of staff in Australia, you might have a team of staff offshore managing various aspects of your business, they might generate sales reports, enter data into your accounting or ERP system, you might outsource your customer service to countries like the Philippines that speak english very well, or you might engage some staff to manage lead generation, cold calling or periodically calling your client base. The list of tasks and opportunities to drive efficiencies in your business or company are endless, giving you the ability to save time and money, and empowering your valuable Australian based staff to conduct higher value activities. Outsourcing should not be seen as taking jobs away from Australians, but as a means of getting more value out of your existing workforce, and streamlining your operation.

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