Case Studies

Engineering and Testing Company

Current situation

  • Wanted to move their internet connection and fixed lines away from incumbent who was overcharging them
  • 3 sites – Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne
  • 40 staff
  • 32 mobiles
  • Old NEC phone system


  • Looking for a more cost effective vendor with good local support
  • Upgrade Slow Internet
  • Didn’t have unlimited data and wanted it
  • Needed a provider to provider regional reach in some country towns
  • Would like better pricing on mobiles
  • Iphone 4 speakers fail and need to be replaced frequently



  • Mobiles – offered a more competitive solution with better pricing and technology fund to procure android handsets
  • Mobiles – assisted with negotiation of some services with their incumbent, negotiated tech fund,
  • Fixed Lines – put forward an alternative provider who delivered 50% savings on fixed
  • Internet – offered ADSL for 3 sites and MPLS network 10Mb/10MB links to all 3 sites, creating a strong data foundation for future cloud services
  • Better bandwidth and data speeds put them in a position to change their old NEC system to a new hosted PBX service and new handsets with more features.