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CircleBC specialise in building websites using open source or custom developed technologies.

We can assist you with any project big or small ranging from:

Simple sites, eCommerce/online shops, CRM’s, Intranets, Portals and Document Management Systems.

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In this day and age, your website is your gateway to the world. On the internet, when your customer views your website, first impressions count. If you have a professional website, with clear messaging and content, and good descriptions of your products and services, you are giving your business the best possible chance of convincing that website visitor to part with their money and become your latest customer.

On the flip side, if your website is old, not structured correctly, has the wrong messaging or is not convincing enough, that website visitor will more than likely get the wrong impression of your business, close the window and move on to your competitor.

At Circle BC, the team will sit down with you, to gain an appreciation of your business and then propose a website technology and layout which will emphasise your brand. We specialise in web development, custom design, content management systems, eCommerce websites, mobile websites and applications, responsive websites and then website support and website maintenance. In this day and age, ensuring that your website renders correctly on mobile devices and tablets is something that should be seriously considered, we are able to offer a complete solution.

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