WordPress SSL problems with Google Chrome

July 24th, 2015

Is your WordPress website all of a sudden having https issues?

If you have a WordPress website, especially if it is an eCommerce or shopping cart site, it would be a good idea to have a look at your site and to check if it is working properly, Google has released a new version of Chrome which has conflicts with Woo Commerce, Contact Form 7 and themes which use the is_ssl() function in particular.

Some of the common issues you and your users might be experiencing include :

* Users are force redirected to https instead of http, essentially all http pages are trying to load as https, which is a secure page that should only come up if an SSL certificate is installed on your site or server.
* CSS Stylesheets and scripts are converted to https protocol, so your web pages load without styling, appearing as just a navigation tree, with a set of links with no images.
* You may be seeing “Your connection is not private”, or are receiving some notifications about your website not being secure.

At this point there are a couple of solutions that have been working on some websites
* Upgrade your version of Woo Commerce as the latest version addresses some of these issues, it is best practice to first backup your site, and test the upgrade works on the backup before deploying to the primary.
* Another temporary fix that works for some sites is “RequestHeader unset HTTPS” in your .htaccess, this would be a good idea for a few weeks until Google fixes the browser issues. Note, this won’t work for sites that actually have SSL pages.

Your website should work on all other browsers including Firefox and Internet Explorer, therefore as an interim solution you should redirect customers and web admin to those browsers instead, especially if you are trying to access wp-admin or your administrator area and can’t access the site on Chrome.

Keep an eye on this blog as all known fixes will be documented here in due course.

A Woocommerce fix that has been released as of 24th July is available here:

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