Why use a Telecommunications Consultant?

April 7th, 2016

So what is a Telecommunications Consultant and why would you use one?

Just like you would engage an IT Consultant to look at your IT, or a business consultant to help with your business, a Telecommunications Consultant is an expert in the Telco field, and can help businesses with any issues they may be experiencing with their existing vendor or hardware, help to breakdown and simplify what you are spending on Telco and navigate all the different telco plans available on the market.

A good Telecommunications consultant or broker will be independent and impartial, will work in your best interests to get you the best deal or technical solution based on your requirements.

So why use a Telecommunications Consultant?

If you don’t have the time to manage your telecommunications vendors properly and to do a thorough review on the best service providers in the market. You may not have the technical expertise to make the right decisions and might not be aware of the latest technology advancements in the industry. Or you feel that you are spending too much and want to know what your options are.

A telco Consultant is not just trying to sell you some stuff, they will take the time to understand your business, how many staff you have, number of locations, how your staff use telecommunications, your current or future usage of cloud technology, and most importantly find out what issues you are having with your current supplier or infrastructure.

The Consultant or broker will look to understand what your pain points are and what you would like to achieve, typically businesses are looking at improving service quality, increasing internet bandwidth and speeds, deploying a new phone system, introducing conferencing technology, or simply to cut down on costs and save money.

If cost savings are the main driver, CircleBC has saved our clients on average between 20-40% off their bills.

The Telecommunications consultant will then take the time to analyse your phone bills across all of your carriers, understand when your services are coming off contract and if you are looking at breaking your contract to help you determine what the costs are, and if there are any benefits of early termination.

All of the above information is gathered and used to put together a solution based on the specific needs of your business. A good Consultant or Telecom Broker will have agreements with a number of suppliers and will be able to put a number of different proposals on the table, allowing you to make the final decision after being presented with the options.

A Telecommunications Consultant or broker should put you in a position where you are not subjected to high pressure sales tactics, where a sales rep is forcing you to sign a new contract or to renew your existing one, but provide you access to a subject matter expert, that is vendor agnostic and is working in your best interests, the consultant can operate as an extension of your business without the direct cost of employing that person full time.

CircleBC is a Sydney based technology consultancy company located in Parramatta, we provide a range of Telecom consultancy services throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart.