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Solarsurge Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned company, and they specialise in residential solar, commercial solar, stand alone solar and solar hot water systems. Solarsurge also provide energy assessments and audits all across New South Wales.



We pride ourselves on only using European designed or manufactured products, to ensure our customers will receive the most reliable and efficient Solar systems on the market. There has been a recent shift towards Micro-Inverter technology in both America and Europe with over 40% of all new installations taking advantage of this far superior technology, as such we specialise in and only use Micro-Inverters with all of our PV Solar Installations, to provide the most efficient systems in the market place, so that you maximise your returns for the lifetime of the system. Micro inverters also provide the longest warranties in the industry, with SolarSurge you can ensure that you get the best system at an affordable price.

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