Cyber Security Training and Awareness

Posted on: April 2nd, 2024 by David Debono

CircleBC have been delivering technology solutions since 2012, across IT, Telecommunications, Website Design and Development and now AI. We offer a comprehensive Cyber Security Training and Awareness service designed to mitigate the risk of costly data breaches through Human Risk Management (HRM). This service encourages proactive prevention measures to inform your staff of a broad range of cyber security risks, aiming to equip your business and your team with the necessary tools and knowledge to safeguard your data and your business systems.

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The Human Element in Cyber Security

The vulnerability of businesses to cyber threats often lies with your staff, where a significant percentage of breaches result from phishing and human error. Recognising this, CircleBC’s service focuses on transforming the workforce into a knowledgeable and vigilant front line of defence, significantly reducing the likelihood of successful cyber attacks and enhancing overall security posture.

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Key Components of Cyber Security Training and Awareness

Security Awareness Training

We provide employees with customised, engaging training sessions that address specific security knowledge gaps. By prioritising areas of highest risk and offering regular updates, CircleBC ensures that all team members are up-to-date on the latest cyber threats and best practices. This not only helps in creating a culture of security awareness across the organisation but also assists in complying with international standards like ISO 27001, showcasing a commitment to rigorous data protection measures.

Simulated Phishing

By simulating sophisticated and common phishing attacks, this initiative identifies vulnerable employees and offers them targeted education to bolster their defences. This proactive approach not only enhances the individual’s ability to spot and thwart phishing attempts but also strengthens the organisation’s overall resilience to such threats. The practical experience gained from these simulations equips employees with the knowledge to act as a critical line of defence against cyber attacks.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Our Dark Web Monitoring service acts as an early warning system by tracking the dark web for indications of stolen credentials. This proactive surveillance helps prevent potential attacks by alerting businesses to exposed user accounts before they can be exploited. It’s an invaluable tool for mitigating risks associated with data breaches and for maintaining the integrity of an organisation’s digital identity.

Policy Management

Effective policy management ensures that all employees are consistently informed about and adhere to the company’s security policies and procedures. CircleBC’s approach streamlines this process by providing a central repository of core documents and an efficient system for tracking eSignature approvals. This not only simplifies the dissemination and acknowledgment of policies but also reinforces a culture of compliance and accountability within the organisation.

CircleBC’s Cyber Security Training and Awareness service represents a holistic approach to addressing the human factor in cyber security. By providing targeted training, simulating real-world phishing scenarios, monitoring the dark web for threats, and managing policy compliance.

CircleBC equips businesses with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively mitigate risks and protect their digital assets. In the realm of cyber security, proactive prevention is indeed better than reactive measures, and CircleBC stands as a trusted partner in fostering a secure, aware, and compliant organisational culture.

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