CircleBC Technology Consulting

November 24th, 2014

Is your business growing rapidly? Do you have more staff, more hardware being procured including computers, mobile phones and tablets, more software, more data being managed, more suppliers and clients to manage and communicate with?

Are you finding that all of these factors are slowing your business down and limiting your efficiency and effectiveness?

If despite your growth you aren’t ready for a fulltime IT Manager or technical staff member, you can always outsource this requirement. CircleBC are technology consultants that understand all elements of technology and business processes.

We can sit down with you and determine an overall roadmap of how we can make your business more efficient, utilise technology to assist your business rather than be a hindrance, improve processes and once we have a stable platform to work with, we can start initiating some strategies to grow your business.

Some things we can look at introducing include:

  • Migrate your physical servers into the cloud, providing you better access to data and software whilst out of the office.
  • Look at the way you communicate with your staff and clients, and look to introduce audio/video conferencing, or collaboration software to help keep track of correspondence.
  • We can provide a Telco broker service to review your Telecommunications spends and services, our goal is to improve service levels, find a provider with great customer service and support, and get you the best possible price for your Telco budget.
  • Introduce an intranet and/or document management system, to provide a single repository for important company data.
  • Hire a virtual assistant or a team of VA’s to assist you with routine aspects of the business that can free up your time to focus on more important things, such as sales or strategic partnerships.
  • Once we have a solid base, we can also redesign your website, work on your business branding, collateral, social media presence and online marketing.

CircleBC and our partners can assist you with every aspect of your business, give us a call today for an initial no obligation consultation 1300 978 073.

CircleBC is a Sydney based agency located in Parramatta, we provide services throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart.