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Telco Broker

Telco Broker is a Telecommunications consulting company that specialises in a broad range of services to help make choosing a Telco provider and related services easy for our clients.



Without access to robust Communications technologies, your business will eventually grind to a halt, it is a very important business decision which many organisations take for granted.

The team at Telco Broker have over 10 years of experience in the industry, having worked as Managers, Sales people and Engineers for all the major Telco’s and are well placed to support you with any decision both big or small. Telco Broker can help you with not only Telecommunications Brokerage Services, but also everyday management of your services and infrastructure, inclusive of independent third party Consulting, Bill Analysis of your current Telco bills and spends, Telecommunications Audits, management of the procurement lifecycle from obtaining proposal, vendor engagement through to deployment, if you already have multi-year contracts in place, Telco Broker can assist with Contracts Management services, to help facilitate your current services and keep your vendors in check.

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