Do you hate the thought of Telecommunications and stress about picking the right provider?

Today is your lucky day, we LOVE Telecommunications, we can assist you with anything and everything Telco related, ranging from bill analysis services, reviews, audits, consultancy and as a broker to help you pick the right vendor based on your requirements.

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Is your business struggling to keep track of all your telecommunications services and products? Do you have mobile services and wireless dongles, that you are paying for and have no idea where they are and who is using them? Have you had a high turnover of staff or have grown rapidly, and have lost track of your Telecommunications expenditure? Then you should enquire about Circle BC assisting with your procurement management and putting a proper telco procurement system in place.

procurement management

Circle BC can conduct an audit of your business, create a register of which staff members are in possession of which devices and services, we can then profile your usage and recommend based on your staff size and consumption, what telecommunications services and providers will best benefit your business, factoring in service quality, SLA’s, features and functionality, support ¬†and ultimately price.

Alternatively, if you are just after some consulting or management of your procurement cycle, Circle BC can help with that also.

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