Do you hate the thought of Telecommunications and stress about picking the right provider?

Today is your lucky day, we LOVE Telecommunications, we can assist you with anything and everything Telco related, ranging from bill analysis services, reviews, audits, consultancy and as a broker to help you pick the right vendor based on your requirements.

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With over ten years experience in the Telecommunications Industry and with a team of degree qualified Telecommunications Engineers and Business Consultants, Circle BC is in an ideal position to recommend the appropriate Telecommunications solutions for your business needs.

Circle BC can provide advice on which hardware or infrastructure suits your business, which mobile plan or phone system is matched to your usage patterns, what Internet or Data connection your business needs based on your consumption, the team can recommend the right communications or collaboration solution based on how your business communicates internally and with suppliers and customers.

Circle BC also partners with a number of other solution providers, vendors and integrators, to ensure that we are able to leverage off a broad knowledge base and are able to deliver the right recommendation for all our customers.

  • We guarantee you clear and unbiased guidance, aiming for an outcome that is specifically geared towards your business needs.
  • Some of those business needs could be to help you to cut costs, or extract more value out of your existing infrastructure,
  • CircleBC can provide you with impartial advice regarding a hardware upgrade or switch to a  new telco provider, or provide consulting services during a telco tender process,
  • Circe BC can also assist you with getting quotes from the different telecommunications providers and ensure that you are getting the best value for money.

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