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CircleBC are vendor agnostic Technology consultants, it’s our job to understand all the different options on the market and help provide tailored Cloud Solutions for your business.

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Circle BC can assist you with all your Microsoft needs, wether it be managing your Microsoft Windows and Office desktop environment, where we can provide operating system upgrades and license management. If you have an on premise instance of Microsoft Exchange, and need an upgrade to the latest version or support of that environment, our certified engineers would be a perfect fit.

If you are considering migrating to the cloud, then Office 365 is flexible and scalable ensuring that you only use and pay for what you need. Once Office 365 is deployed, we can provide Sharepoint and Lync services.

We can provide you with consultation on the right product for your needs, we can then assist you with migration of the product and support. So you can rely on the team at Circle BC for services across the entire Microsoft Product Suite.

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